Rules 2017

1. Concept and participants

BANG is a festival of Video art understood as (for this festival) any audiovisual production susceptible to be included on DVD or multimedia, with a maximum duration of 6 minutes and a production date two years before the date of the festival, free content and artistic intent. The participation is universally open. The works must be free of rights.

2. Location

The natural environment of the festival is the network. Both participation and voting, and the presentation of the videos will be made through the web,

3. Calendar 2016
  • 01/11 - 31/03Uploading videos from
  • 01/04 - 15/04 Vote of the participating artists of Edition
4. Participation Form
    • The videos are automatically uploaded by the authors themselves.
    • Voting shall be by email user. Only when logged users can vote if they have previously uploaded videos in the current issue. Them a message that they are entitled to 2 votes at different videos will appear. If entering a video already voted by the same user previously, a message appears saying that they can not vote twice for the same video 
    • The 12 Top rated videos will be posted on the homepage of the Festival, as well as a downloadable list of all the videos in order of voting.
5. Terms of Conditions
  •   Each artist or group of artists may submit a maximum of 2 videos.
  •   The videos are original and all rights are held by the authors.
  •   The works can not exceed 6 minutes.
  •   The production of the videos will be, at most two years before to the initiation of the festival.
  •   There is no other limitation for participation except legal (advocacy of terrorism, child abuse, etc.) and functional (advertising, spurious purposes, etc.)
  •   The theme will be free.
  •   Automatically formats supported it is the most common.
  •   The vote will take place on all of the videos but are excluded which do not comply with the rules. 
  •   Failure to comply with the bases is a possible exclusion of the festival.
  •   Ob-art produccions may select one or more artists and those who offer a contract for the promotion and distribution of their work through the ob-art video platform, so that videos must be free of third party rights in as distribution and sharing.

8. Advertising and Partnerships

The festival is mainly promoted through the network, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV channels, blogs and social networks.

9. Consent and Data Protection
  • By the made of participate - upload video - the author gives the organization the right to play on the web, the right of distribution in non-tangible form, and non-profit through the web and the right of public communication the web and in few other locations is displayed, all in accordance with current legislation. Apart from that the copyright belongs to the author.
  • The organization is not responsible for the accuracy of the data provided by the participants.
  • The organization reserves the right to use the names and image of the participants to play them and use them in any publi-promotional activity related to the Festival, without such use entitling them to compensation or benefit.

The simple fact of taking part in the Festival implies acceptance of these rules.