Important changes in the festival BANG

From the organization of the Festival BANG we inform you of a number of important changes related to the upcoming festival on November 1. We inform:

After nine editions of the festival BANG we thought that the format of our competition needs a remodel. To this is no stranger the appearance of multiple festivals that are geared to the business of the producer, charging for participation, and the counteroffensive LOOP has introduced three new contests for the last two years with support and means that we can not even dream. Nor are foreign to the costs, in our case are paid particular level entirely without subsidies or official support or sponsor, we could almost say that even media. The low representation of the popular vote more based on the number of followers on social networks in an authentic popular plebiscite has also weighed in our decision. But let's get to the point.


1. We want the competition to be fully automatic so that the only costs are those of maintaining the web. A festival forever.


2. To this end the jury is deleted, both professional and popular and replaced by a jury of the contestants themselves. From now on it will be the artists who choose the best pieces of video art. We also suppress the guests festivals. To all thank them for how well they have treated us.


3. The list of winners is replaced by the list of participants in order of number of votes obtained, to be published on the web. There will be cash prizes or diplomas. no awards ceremony and exhibition of videos off the web is not held.


4. Each participant will have two votes to grant any of the other participants or himself. They can not be two votes to the contestant. The vote will open once closed the registration and will last fifteen days.


5. The ob-art gallery, organizer of the festival, reserves the power to hire, by mutual agreement, the winners or other video artists.


6. The rest of the mechanics is the same as before.


450 videos from 40 countries support us to introduce changes that will allow to continue this festival which this year celebrates its tenth edition. Thank you for your understanding and participation.

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